Elsa and Anna's mother

Elsa and Anna's mother makes an appearance

Frozen 2 soundtrack has seven new songs

Disney has released the full soundtrack list for Frozen 2 hot off the heels of our first listen to new track Into the Unknown.

The song, sung by Idina Menzel (feat Aurora) aka Elsa, is one of seven new songs featuring in the sequel.

The latest film trailer teased what to expect with the girls’ parents telling them about an Enchanted Forest and the Troll wondering if Elsa’s powers would be enough to save the world.

It’s all a far cry from the 2013 film which had us humming along to Let It Go and suddenly having the urge to build a snowman.

Producer Jennifer Lee promised Disney would only bring back the Frozen crew if the story was worth telling, and all we know is its darker, more intense and high stakes.

Frozen 2’s songs seem to reflect this with Into The Unknown falling into the “Idina Menzel lung blasting ballad” category of tunes with a touch of anxiety about it.
Disney is clearly hoping for the song to emulate Let It Go’s success. The song, penned by Lopez and Kristen-Anderson, won an Academy Award for Best Song in 2014 and racked up 10.4m downloads when it was first released.

From what fans have heard so far it’s definitely ticking the box of karaoke material as Menzel belts out the title phrase repeatedly, but whether it becomes as much of an anthem remains to be seen.

Alongside it we have an ensemble track, Some Things Never Change, with Elsa, Anna, Christoph and Olaf as well as the new In The Summer aka Olaf’s tune When I Am Older.

Kristen Bell sings The Next Right Thing and the Queen Evan Rachel Wood sings All Is Found. Menzel and Wood team up for Show Yourself and Christoph doesn’t seem to have changed his mind as Reindeers are better than people returns with a new song Lost in the Woods.

The full Frozen 2 soundtrack list is:

❄️ All Is Found – Queen
❄️ Some Things Never Change – Ensemble
❄️ Into the Unknown – Elsa
❄️ When I Am Older – Olaf
❄️ Lost in the Woods – Christoph
❄️ Show Yourself – Elsa and Queen
❄️ The Next Right Thing – Anna

Frozen 2 is released in cinemas on November 22. Judging from the interest around it now, two months before release, I’d say its set to become a Christmas box office hit and the stuff of parents ear worm nightmares.

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