Frozen 2 has an Disney Easter egg pop up early in the film

Disney films often contain blink and you’ll miss them moments, little Easters eggs for fans to find, and Frozen 2 is no different.

The sequel to Disney’s smash hit starring Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell has a nod to Big Hero 6 very early on.

When Elsa and Anna are playing, Anna asks her to create a ice Prince figure. The camera pulls back showing the other figures the young princess has shaped our of ice, one of which is Baymax in his classic pose, tummy out and head down.

Frozen 2 also contains a few other references including a nod to Bohemian Rhapsody in Jonathan Groff’s song Into the Woods. Kristoff adopts the classic pose from the music video with the reindeer taking the other Queen band mates places.

Later Elsa even references the first movie when she walks through the water memories. As she sees herself singing Let It Go she winces as we’re sure many parents have done after the thousandth play of the hit song.

You can also spot a Mickey Mouse in the movie. When the troll holds his scroll a tiny scrawled Mickey head can be seen.

Did you spot anymore references or Easter eggs?

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